An Exciting New Experiment From Hackberry Tea

Our tea collection is somewhat fluid. We have teas coming in and out regularly and love keeping our selection fresh while still providing you with the best of the best in the tea world.  We pride ourselves in having an immense selection of tea and trust us, that selection isn’t going anywhere. But, in an attempt to spice things up, Hackberry has decided to introduce something new for you guys: a monthly tea trio!

Here’s how it’s going to work; we will be introducing three new teas each month that are similar.  We've debated our favorites internally, but at the end of the day, these teas are for you.  So we want you to tell us your favorites.  My preference is to add all three, but generally, that isn't feasible.  We'd end up with an infinite amount of tea.  

So this opens up the floor to you, the customer. Throughout the month, we’ll be keeping track of how you guys are reacting to these new teas (how you guys like them, if one is a standout amongst the rest, or if they’re all absolutely delicious) and decide from there which of these new teas will be added to our permanent* collection. If you are particularly enjoying one of these new teas and would like to make it a regular on our tea list, make sure to let us know! You can get ahold of us through email (, or you can DM us on Instagram (@hackberryteaaz). We love hearing your input and want to make sure you guys are getting the best teas around. 

For our first wave of new teas, we are introducing a collection of cherry teas, each with a different tea foundation. One will be a black tea, one a green tea, and one a pure fruit tisane. All similar enough to satisfy any cherry lover, yet all different enough to make things interesting for the casual drinker.

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