A Quick Update About Where We're at (December 4th, 2020)

These past couple months have gone so quickly for us here at Hackberry. Various family emergencies and the approaching busy holiday season all piled on top of moving into a new location has made 60 days feel like the blink of an eye. Thankfully this past week we finally have gotten our feet back under us and are as ready as ever for December. With that being said, we realized that we haven’t really given you guys an update as to where we’re at in our moving process.

All of the plans we had made for moving in by November 1st were surprisingly successful. Our buildout was complete, we had built enough workstations and shelving units for us to move in, and over the course of one week, we had done it. We were moved in. That week of our move-in was probably the most hectic week in Sagebrush history, and thanks to an abundance of friends and family, we still only missed one day of production. There have been a few knots to undo and weeds to pull along the way, but our new location has been our primary source of production and shipments since November 2nd, and we are nothing but thankful!

This move has been an incredibly exciting glimpse into the future of Hackberry Sagebrush. This shop gives us the space and flexibility to really take this company in any direction we’d like. We have the blueprints set up to begin constructing an actual “buy a latte and work on your laptop” type of coffee shop in this space sometime early 2021 (which would include tea options of course). We also are nearly done setting up a separate office space, so our employees have a central means of collaboration when producing media and content for our website. All of these steps forward are extremely exciting pieces of the future of Hackberry as we begin working towards 2021. Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported us this past year, we would not be here without you guys. To think this small little sister business to Sagebrush has made it this far is extremely humbling and inspiring.

This doesn’t mean our shop updates series is over, there is still tons to do. In fact, as we begin clearing the way and establishing the grounds for our retail coffee shop, there will be even more updates. Make sure to stay tuned and thanks for shopping Hackberry!


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