Green Tea 101 | The Health Benefits

Green tea is a must-have super-food and is considered the healthiest beverage on the planet. This conclusion is primarily due to the extensive amount of vitamins and antioxidants. The unoxidized feature of green tea allows it to have a much higher concentration of chlorophyll, polyphenols, and antioxidants. Research has found that green tea leaves contain bioactive compounds that decrease the production of free radicals in the body that play a role in aging and disease. For this reason, green tea is often used for medicinal purposes. 

One of the most popular and exciting theories about green tea is that it can burn fat and increase metabolism. Different studies have demonstrated that the consumption of green tea can oxidize fat both in a resting and moderately-intense active state. The majority of the body fat percentage was shown to decrease in the abdominal area. It is important to point out that some studies presented no change in metabolism or fat loss so the effects may vary depending on the individual. 

Many risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease and stroke, have seen improvement with the consumption of green tea. The antioxidant levels of green tea increase the proficiency of antioxidants in the bloodstream, which improves cholesterol and prevents cholesterol particles from decaying. The decomposition of cholesterol particles is one of the causes of heart disease. 

Along with the physical effects on the body, green tea is known to improve brain function and protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases. Studies suggest that when consumed consistently, the bioactive compounds in green tea can strengthen the brain and assist in the prevention of plaque formation, which can cause dementia. One study focusing on cognitive functions discovered increased brain activity, improved memory, and greater task performance in patients that drank green tea. 

The benefits listed above are just a few of the ways green tea can improve our bodies inside and out. No wonder green tea is known as the healthiest drink on the planet. If green tea is not one of your beverages of choice, I would highly recommend making this delicious tea a staple part of your life. 

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