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Iced Tea Favorites | Sampler 5 Pack

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Bundle Description

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Iced Tea Time! Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of tea drinkers choose iced tea as their beverage of choice, and the Hackberry tea employees are no exception. (You can be sure that we Arizonans love our iced tea!)  We want to pass our love of this cool, refreshing drink on to our customers by offering them the best of the best. We hope you enjoy this carefully selected new bundle!


Piña Colada Mocktail: There are very few things that pair better than pineapple and coconut. I was inspired and turned that beloved flavor combination into a delicious “mocktail.” The tartness of pineapple and creamy, sweetness of coconut is blended with fresh apples and hibiscus for a tropical concoction. Brew iced for a refreshing, afternoon escape!

Prickly Pear Black: It's a little-known fact, but as an Arizona-based tea company, we would lose our license if we didn't offer a Prickly Pear tea. We were flying under the radar for years, and as primarily an online tea company we were OK. However the other day the authentic Arizona retailer police came by and slapped us with a hefty 'no cactus-based blends' fine. We paid the fine, but don't want ever to let that happen again. So here is our Prickly Pear tea.  In all seriousness, this tea is quite tasty.  It is good iced or hot.

Blood Orange Hibiscus: The blood orange is loved for its tangy, sweet flavor, and vibrant color. It is the perfect addition for an herbal blend and pairs wonderfully with the floral, tartness of hibiscus and rose. Naturally sweet and beautifully aromatic, this infusion makes a truly delicious drink, warm or iced. Enjoy today!

Calm Mango Beach: The lemongrass, rose hips, and chamomile flowers provide a perfectly smooth and calming floral finish, but the mango and lychee give it a fruited flavor blends beautifully.  Match that up with the completely natural and beautiful blue color from the butterfly pea flower and you have a great unique tea.  Being naturally caffeine-free this tea is a soothing evening treat or perfect for that post-lunch refreshment.

Mixed Berry Crème: A medley of berries come together to create a tisane that is juicy, tart, and oh, so sweet! What pairs better with mixed berries than the decadent flavor of crème? It provides a complimentary smoothness to the brightness of berries. This infusion is refreshing iced or for an extra creamy treat, add steamed milk for a tea latte. Voilà!

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