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Favorites of 2021 | Sampler 5 Pack

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We always love to offer something special near the end of the year and thought we'd cap 2021 with a bundle focused on five of our favorite and highest-rated teas. For this bundle, we chose a favorite blend in every major tea category: Black, Green, White, Herbal, and Fruit Tisane. It features a variety of flavors and caffeine levels to satisfy every tea drinker. If you are looking to taste the best of the best and end the year on a delicious note, look no further! This bundle would make the perfect holiday gift for the tea enthusiast in your life.


Half & Half, Black & Lemon Tea: Arnold Palmers is one of my favorite beverages to drink, especially on a hot, sunny day. This infusion of lemon and black tea makes the perfect, healthier equivalent and tastes exceptional iced or hot.

Raspberry Dreamy Green: The perfect summer refreshment! This green tea marries juicy raspberries and the essence of hibiscus for a pleasantly surprising experience. That sound you're hearing? It's the clinking of ice cubes and your gentle sighs of pleasure!

Blueberry White: Our premium Fujian white tea is infused with juicy blueberries for a sweet, mildly tart, and aromatic brew. Although the ingredients are simple, the flavor is impactful and will leave you wanting more. This tea is brisk, clean, and delightfully refreshing both hot and iced. There is so much to like here; we know all who try it will enjoy it!

Banana Bread Honeybush: Honeybush tea, with its smooth and sweet taste, makes the perfect base for this banana nut blend. As the tea brews, you will be instantly transported to your favorite bakery. When you take your first sip, you will think you are biting into a freshly baked muffin. Cocoa nibs, cinnamon, and chestnut flavor provide a rich balance to the sweet but not overpowering banana flavor. This caffeine-free tea is an indulgent treat for any time of day!

Hibiscus Purple Papaya: Wow! This tea is absolutely lovely to look at with its vibrant purple hue, and the scent of this blend is so amazing I commented on it right away.  But, lest we forget, it's all about taste and this fruit tisane wins there too. The tartness of hibiscus hits the palate right away and the papaya, orange, and mixed berries add an explosion of fruity flavor. You will discover something new with each sip. It is delicious hot, incredibly refreshing iced, and blissful with a touch of milk.  

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