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There are certain teas in the shop that screams "Spring" to us, and we have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Fruity, floral, and fresh are three words that come to mind when we drink these blends, and we cannot think of three better words to describe this season. Here are the top picks for the best teas for Spring!


Lemon-Berry Purple Tea: Our Lemon-Berry Purple Tea is everything you want from a fruit-forward blend and more. The delicious, plummy aroma and incredible health boost of purple tea infuse perfectly with the mix of elderberries, papaya, lemon peel, and hibiscus. Each sip tastes better than the last. We have tried it iced and hot, and both ways are superb!

Cherry Marzipan Oolong: If you enjoy the flavor of cherries, then this is the perfect tea for you! The sweet taste of cherry is vibrant on the palate from the first sip, while the nutty, spiced flavor of almonds and cinnamon cuts through the tartness beautifully. Reminiscent of a delicious marzipan or amaretto, this tea tastes exquisite hot or iced and is the ideal choice for an afternoon treat!

Lavender Earl Grey: Lavender is the focus of this earl grey and I must say, it is the perfect addition. Both the flavor and beautiful fragrance will put you at ease.  This is a great tea, hot with milk.

Hibiscus Fruit Punch: Fruit Punch with a kick. Or maybe Fruit tea with a punch? No, Fruit Punch with a hibiscus kick. This is one of our best-selling fruit teas of all time. It has a great blend of sweet and tart and has so much going on fruit-wise that we just had to call it fruit punch. It is perfect as an iced brew while sitting on the porch and watching the sunset.

Apricot Sunflower: There is no denying that our favorite fruit to add to good tea is an apricot. I'm not sure why, but it just adds the perfect contrast to the tea.  So we brainstormed and thought, what can we do to bring that deliciousness to the next level. The result was this excellent Ceylon black tea with apple pieces, marigold flowers, and dried apricots. Let me tell you this tea is great hot, cold, alone, and with milk. It was everything we'd hoped it would be.

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