Hackberry Tea

Pineapple Delight Green Rooibos

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Tasting Notes:

Pineapple green rooibos… it's as delightful as it sounds! This is a perfect tea to take you back to your favorite beach getaway. Nothing pairs better with juicy pineapple then the creaminess of coconut. You will experience the herbal flavor you love with the added taste of paradise. If you cannot make it to the beach, this blend will go perfectly with a good book on your back porch.

Tea Details:

Tea Type: Rooibos, Herbal
Caffeine Level: Caffeine Free
Origin: South Africa



Blended With:

Green Rooibos Tea, Apple Pieces, Coconut, Pineapple Pieces, Rose Petals, Natural Coconut Flavor, Natural Pineapple Flavor & Hibiscus

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