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Back in May, we started a tea promotional program where we launched three new teas each month. In the months following, we kept track of how customers were reacting to all of the tea additions and were able to see which blends stood out the most. There were three new teas that we struggled to keep in-stock because they were selling so well. As a result, they became our highest-rated among all of the monthly promo teas we offered. If you are looking to taste the best of the best and end the year on a delicious note, look no further!


Apple Cider Chai: Our bold and brisk Black tea scrumptiously combines with a blend of apple and cinnamon flavors. Apple pieces, orange, and cloves are generously speckled to deliver an apple cider twist on a classic, spicy Chai. This tea is so indulgent and comforting, second and third helpings are expected and encouraged.

Strawberry Fields: Light, refreshing, and not too sweet. Full of your classic strawberry flavor and a little dash of tart raspberry. Pour this tea over ice, sit back, and relax.

Sweet Cherry Pie: Desire the sweet, tartness of cherry pie but don’t have the time or energy to bake? Our delicious blend of cherries, apple pieces, rose hips, and hibiscus is the perfect replica of your favorite dessert. This tisane blend is fragrant, juicy, and full of fruity flavor. Enjoy as a warm dessert brew or as a refreshing iced treat!

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