Chai Something New! | Sampler 4 Pack
Chai Something New! | Sampler 4 Pack
Chai Something New! | Sampler 4 Pack
Chai Something New! | Sampler 4 Pack
Chai Something New! | Sampler 4 Pack

Chai Something New! | Sampler 4 Pack

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One of the most exciting aspects of chai is the versatility of flavor. A cup of chai can become more spicy, sweet, or even savory with just a simple adjustment of ingredients. At Hackberry, we have a variety of chai blends with unique ingredients, and with this bundle, you will get to sample 4 of them! Whether your palate prefers fruity, spicy, or even caffeine-free, you will find a blend you love and perhaps chai something new!

Check out our guides for brewing chai:

Brew Guide 101

Chai Cold Brew Concentrate How-To


Warm Vanilla Chai: Imagine taking the perfect black tea, the best Chai spices. Then think of adding smooth vanilla, cinnamon maybe some cloves. Steep it all a little on the strong side with some milk. My mouth is watering already.

Apple Cider Chai: Our premium, bold Black tea deliciously combines with a blend of apple and cinnamon flavors. Apple pieces, orange, and cloves are generously speckled to deliver an apple cider twist on a classic, spicy Chai. This tea is so indulgent and comforting, second and third helpings are expected and encouraged.

Cinnamon Ginger Oolong Chai: Cozy up to this Indian-inspired blend of Oolong tea, savory Chai spices, and cocoa nibs. The complex, richness of oolong harmoniously blends with the warm, spicy taste of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. Cocoa nibs add a layer of bittersweetness that rounds out the cup perfectly. Your first sip will instantly leave you feeling calm and grounded.

Decaf Chai: We love that we can drink tea at any time of day. When the evening arrives, we have often found ourselves craving a warm cup of chai. With our Decaf Chai, you can enjoy the classic sweet and spicy flavors without the caffeine boost. Add some steamed milk and an extra dash of cinnamon for a comforting post-dinner brew.

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