Hackberry Tea

Fruit Favorites - Combo 3 Pack

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Bundle Description

We highly recommend all of our teas, but we know that deciding which tea to purchase can seem overwhelming! Let us do the work with our carefully selected bundles. Each bundle is carefully selected and organized for easy decisions and maximum enjoyment! This bundle features our current fruit-forward favorites. These teas are a fruity fiesta of flavor and will add some brightness to your day!


Strawberry Fields: Light, refreshing, and not too sweet. Full of your classic strawberry flavor and a little dash of tart raspberry. Pour this tea over ice, sit back and relax.

Blueberry Burst Green Rooibos: The tartness of hibiscus is balanced beautifully by the sweetness of blueberry, with green rooibos giving body and notes of currant. The aroma and sweet flavor is reminiscent of freshly baked blueberry muffins. Your senses will be satisfied with every whiff and sip. This tea is perfection hot or iced!

Bright Peach Black: This bright fruited Ceylon tea brings you the sweet taste of summer in a glass, all year round. From dried peaches to pure apple, there is nothing artificial here! Genuinely delicious.

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