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Iced Tea Favorites | Sampler 5 Pack

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Bundle Description

Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of tea drinkers choose iced tea as their beverage of choice, and the Hackberry tea employees are no exception. (You can be sure that we Arizonans love our iced tea!)  We want to pass our love of this cool, refreshing drink on to our customers by offering them the best of the best. We hope you enjoy this carefully selected new bundle!


Hibiscus Fruit Punch: Fruit Punch with a kick. Or maybe Fruit tea with a punch? No, Fruit Punch with a hibiscus kick. This is one of our best-selling fruit teas of all time. It has a great blend of sweet and tart and has so much going on fruit-wise that we just had to call it fruit punch. It is perfect as an iced brew while sitting on the porch and watching the sunset.

Blood Orange Hibiscus: The blood orange is loved for its tangy, sweet flavor, and vibrant color. It is the perfect addition for an herbal blend and pairs wonderfully with the floral, tartness of hibiscus and rose. Naturally sweet and beautifully aromatic, this infusion makes a truly delicious drink, warm or iced. Enjoy today!

Bright Peach Oolong: Peach is deliciously paired with Oolong tea for a brew that is deeply floral, juicy, and sweet, just like biting into a succulent peach. The aromas of peach and marigold fill the senses with each sip and the oolong balances the fruity flavors without overpowering. This blend is delicious hot, but we think it shines even brighter brewed iced!

Wild Cherry Green: Summer cherries are blended with Green Tea for an aromatic and delicious drinking experience. With each sip, you will feel like you are walking through a cherry orchard. Fruity and flavorful, this refreshing green tea is delectable iced, and perfect for a hot summer day.

Calm Mango Beach: The Kellso household is obsessed with this tea.  I feel like I'm making a gallon pitcher of this daily.  I know for a fact that I won't be able to describe this in a way that does it justice.  The lemongrass, rose hips, and chamomile flowers provide a perfectly smooth and calming floral finish, but the mango and lychee give it a fruited flavor blends beautifully.  Match that up with the completely natural and beautiful blue color from the butterfly pea flower and you have a great unique tea.  Being naturally caffeine-free this tea is a soothing evening treat or perfect for that post-lunch refreshment.  It is good hot or cold.

A quick pro-tip.  One of the kids took this tea iced, mixed it with milk and simple syrup, and said that it tastes just like Blue Milk.  I tried a sip of it and it was pretty good.  So if you want to save the trip to Tatooine, grab this tea.

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