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Matcha Ceremonial Grade brewed traditional- Hackberry Tea
Infographic of Matcha - reads "combine matcha and small amount of water"
Infographic of Matcha - reads "whisk together vigorously until entire top layer appears foamy
Infographic - "combine with desired addition for either a ceremonial drink, a hot tea, or a latte"

Matcha Ceremonial Grade

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Tasting Notes:

It took some time for us to include matcha on the site because we knew it was important to do our research and offer the best. We achieved just that with this ceremonial grade matcha. Our organic matcha comprises three Japanese green tea varietals, which when combined and ground produces a light, smooth, and refreshing cup. Its sweet, vegetal aroma and vibrant green hue creates a complete experience for the senses. Enjoy a delicious cup simply brewed with water, or add some milk for a creamy matcha tea latte (hot or iced). 

Tea Details:

Tea Type: Green
Caffeine Level: Regular
Origin: Japan



Blended With:

Organic Japanese Matcha

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