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Red, White, & Blue | Sampler 3 Pack

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These teas exhibit the red, white, and blue colors found in teas.  Featuring hibiscus, rooibos (red-bush tea), classic white tea, and vibrant but naturally blue butterfly pea-flower tea, you can showcase just a bit of your patriotic spirit with these teas.


Watermelon Refresher: Sweet, juicy, and refreshing, this summer-inspired medley has an enticing floral aroma with lively notes of cranberry and summer ripened watermelon. A perfect tisane blend of sweet and tart, we highly recommend this as an iced tea, but can be enjoyed any way, any time of day!

Blueberry White: Our premium Fujian white tea is infused with juicy blueberries for a sweet, mildly tart, and aromatic brew. Although the ingredients are simple, the flavor is impactful and will leave you wanting more. This tea is brisk, clean, and delightfully refreshing both hot and iced. There is so much to like here; we know all who try it will enjoy it!
(This is a bulky tea, and will ship with the same volume, but is 1oz by weight instead of 2oz)

Calm Mango Beach: You likely clicked on this because of the blue color, you'll buy it over and over because of the amazing flavor.  The lemongrass, rose hips, and chamomile flowers provide a perfectly smooth and calming floral finish, but the mango and lychee give it a fruited flavor that blends beautifully.  Match that up with the completely natural and beautiful blue color from the butterfly pea flower and you have a great unique tea.  Being naturally caffeine-free this tea is a soothing evening treat or perfect for that post-lunch refreshment.
(This is a bulky tea, and will ship with the same volume, but is 1oz by weight instead of 2oz)

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