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Sugar & Spice Holiday Favorites | Sampler 5 Pack

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The holiday season is here and nothing pairs better with the chilled air and holiday spirit than a delicious, warm cup of tea. We have assembled five *new* blends that contain all of the seasonal flavors and aromas you love. From freshly baked apple pie to even roasted chestnuts, every tea is a nostalgic reminder of your favorite holiday memory. This bundle covers everything you will need for a cup of cozy this holiday season!


Spiced Maple Oolong: A blend of spices and just a hint of maple sweetness balances this full-bodied and almost nutty oolong tea. Like a delicious stack of warm maple pancakes, this blend is a quintessential tea for this time of year. Escape to a cold, crisp Vermont wood while in the warmth and comfort of your favorite tea spot! Add some milk and an extra dash of maple syrup or honey for a creamy and decadent treat. 

Orange Almond Spice Rooibos: A delightful blend of orange and holiday spice is beautifully blended with the sweet, nutty flavors of our rooibos tea. Citrus adds the perfect brightness to the warm and zesty taste of ginger and cloves. The addition of almond flavor gives this blend a creamy and nutty complexity, reminiscent of a holiday marzipan. This tea is so indulgent and comforting that it would make a delicious post-Christmas dinner brew. Second and third helpings are expected and encouraged.

Roasted Chestnut Black: We used a natural chestnut flavoring for this new tea and combined it with our premium Sri Lankan black tea. The roasted, smooth taste of chestnut marries beautifully with the bold flavor of black tea for a well-balanced and full-bodied cup. Every bold, nutty sip is reminiscent of a cozy night in front of an open fire (with or without Jack Frost nipping at your nose). We are thrilled with how this tea turned out and hope you enjoy it just as much.

Winter Apple Tart: Nothing tastes more "homey" than a delicious apple tart or slice of apple pie. Now, you can enjoy the rich, decadent flavors of your favorite holiday treat in a cup. We have combined apple pieces, cinnamon, and natural candy apple flavoring with our premium black tea to create a blend that is sweet, spicy, and oh, so comforting! This apple-focused brew is a sweet treat for the palate and a warm hug for the soul.

Holiday Citrus Chai: Our bold and brisk Black tea scrumptiously combines with citrus and a blend of holiday spices. Ginger, orange, and cloves are deliciously blended to deliver a bright, citrus rendition of the classic, spicy Chai we adore. The nostalgic aroma and festive taste are perfect for this time of year, making this blend the ideal brew for creating new holiday memories. 

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