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Summer is here, and to celebrate, we compiled the perfect blends to complement this time of year. Some of our favorite fruity ingredients are at their peak during summer, and we wanted to highlight them in the teas we have chosen for this bundle. Whether you prefer a chilled glass or a warm mug, these teas will keep you refreshed and smiling all summer long!


Hibiscus Purple Papaya: Wow! This tea is absolutely lovely to look at with its vibrant purple hue, and the scent of this blend is so amazing I commented on it right away.  But, lest we forget, it's all about taste and this fruit tisane wins there too. The tartness of hibiscus hits the palate right away and the papaya, orange, and mixed berries add an explosion of fruity flavor. You will discover something new with each sip. It is delicious hot, incredibly refreshing iced, and blissful with a touch of milk.  

Blueberry Breeze: Blueberry is the focus of this herbal blend. The mellow sweetness of blueberries pairs beautifully with the bright and tart flavors of hibiscus and rose hips. The addition of chamomile provides a delicate and comforting mouthfeel to the cup. Brewed hot, it tastes like a rich juice (almost like a grape or cranberry juice), and when iced, it is a refreshing treat! 

Dragon Fruit Hibiscus: With a name like Dragon Fruit Hibiscus Medley, you know to expect some vibrant tropical flavor. This tea is absolutely lovely to look at, and the scent of this tea is so amazing, it blew us away instantly. Mixed with some of our favorite fruits like apple pieces, oranges, and pineapple, this tangy-sweet beverage packs a fruity punch. It is best enjoyed iced on a hot, sunny day. Add a little lemonade for an extra refreshing treat!

Sweet Cherry Pie: Desire the sweet, tartness of cherry pie but don’t have the time or energy to bake? Our delicious blend of cherries, apple pieces, rose hips, and hibiscus is the perfect replica of your favorite dessert. This tisane blend is fragrant, juicy, and full of fruity flavor. Enjoy as a warm dessert brew or as a refreshing iced treat!

Bright Peach Oolong: Peach is deliciously paired with Oolong tea for a brew that is deeply floral, juicy, and sweet, just like biting into a succulent peach. The aromas of peach and marigold fill the senses with each sip and the oolong balances the fruity flavors without overpowering. This blend is delicious hot, but we think it shines even brighter brewed iced!


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