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Wellness Sampler - Combo 3 Pack

$ 21.27 $ 23.65

If you're looking for the best wellness teas that we have to offer at Hackberry Tea, you've come to the right place. Read below to see more details of these amazing health teas.


Slim Balance: One of our Health Teas, our Slim Balance Tea is full of flavor and designed to aid in digestion and weight loss. This Jasmine Special Grade Green tea comes to you with a classic citrus flavor.  Why deny yourself?

Lemon-Berry Purple Tea: Kenyan Purple Tea is the star of this newest health-focused tea. Purple tea offers low caffeine and 15 times the anthocyanins (a super-antioxidant often cited for its health benefits) of blueberries. It is full of super-antioxidants that help combat harmful free radicals. The elderberries, papaya, and lemon peel add an explosion of fruity flavor. It is delicious hot and incredibly refreshing iced. 

Healthy Hydration: One of our Health Teas, this hydration blend uses minerals perfect to help strengthen your skin and improve your hydration (hence the name).  The blend of green and white teas, make this not just a delight regarding health, but a joy to drink.  It's great warm or iced.

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