Introducing Our Top 10 Teas Program!

Here at Hackberry, we are looking forward to trying out some new ways to showcase our teas! Our "Tea Spotlight" mailers that go out every Monday have done very well introducing current favorites. We thought we would take it one step further by spotlighting the favorites of our customers. 2021 is starting off with our first edition of our monthly "Top 10 Teas Program." We were inspired by seeing how Netflix advertises their top 10 shows in the U.S., and figured we would give it a try. There are a plethora of teas in our shop, and we understand it can get tricky figuring out a new tea to purchase. We wanted to simplify the shopping experience by displaying which teas our customers are currently ordering and enjoying.

Starting this month, you might see a Top 10 Label on some teas featured around the site. This label means it was one of the most popular teas ordered in the last month. If you are just starting on your tea tasting journey, or you are a tea veteran looking for something new, check out the Top 10 Teas and see what everyone else is drinking. Right now, we have over 75 different options to choose from with more new teas being added in the months to come. The Top 10 Teas should help in narrowing down your choices while browsing the site.

We love the fresh beginning a new year brings, and are so excited for the updates that will enhance the tea shopping and drinking experience. We are planning to refresh the Top 10 Teas on the first Monday of every month. So, make sure you stay up to date with our mailers or go to our website every month to check out the new best-sellers!

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