All $15 orders SHIP GROUND FOR FREE, All $25 orders SHIP USPS Priority FOR FREE.

Tea Order Shipping Policy:

  • All Tea Orders are packaged within the NEXT USPS Shipping Day after you order (Monday - Saturday except holidays).  
  • $3 shipping on orders under $15,
  • FREE SHIPPING over $15.
  • FREE USPS Priority SHIPPING over $25.
  • If the order is below 13oz & order is below $25, we mail the tea first class.  
  • All orders larger that 13oz & order is below $25 are shipped USPS ground.


Our Latest Analysis of April - July 2020 Deliveries Shows:

USPS:  Average Delivery is about 4 days, ~2% are taking longer than 9 days

FedEx: Average Delivery is about 3.25 days, 0.5% are taking longer than 7 days

COVID-19 Policy Adjustment:

I do have one change to report related to our shipping policy during these times.  USPS has made some changes to their shipping times and that will have an impact on our delivery times and structure.  I’ve been trying to decide how to handle this and I think I have a plan.  Personally, I hope that these changes are temporary, but I’m suspicious of that.  Know, that we’re making changes in response and if they change back, we also will.

 As you know, Hackberry relies primarily on USPS Priority shipping.  If you haven’t read it lately, here is a link to our shipping policy.  The nuts and bolts of that policy is we ship the day after you order and use USPS priority which promises 2-3 day delivery.  However, USPS has changed their Priority mail promise from 2-3 days to 3-4 days.  This may end up being insignificant or it may be significant.  Our experience was when it was 2-3 days, customers received their tea on the 4th day about 10% of the time.  And several percent get it after a week.  If they’re changing their policy, I get scared. 

Our other shipping option is FedEx.  They are still promising 2 days, however weekends don’t count as days.  So, if I ship on Friday and the package makes it to your city over the weekend, they’ll hold it until Tuesday to deliver, because that’s two days.  That makes me CRAZY.  But if you want your coffee sooner and it’s the right day of the week, it is a good option.

Knowing this, we choose carrier between these two based on the cheapest shipping option for each individual delivery.  This varies based on weight of the package and delivery location.  Most of the time USPS is the least expensive, but occasionally it is FedEx (usually on larger orders). 

The best solution that I can come up with for this inconsistent time is to continue to have free shipping for the lowest cost priority option, but for $3 (the typical cost for the more expensive one), you can choose a preferred shipping method.  I hope this isn’t too confusing, but it’s the only way I know to combat the inconsistencies that we’re feeling right now.  My guess is you know what is most reliable to your home and may be willing to pay for that.  Or if you don’t really care, you’ll continue to get what we have been doing leading up to this change.

So, if you place an order over $25 at checkout you’ll see the following options:

Lowest Priced Priority Shipping:         Free
FedEx 2 Day Shipping (No Sat/Sun)    $3
USPS Priority Shipping (3-4 Days)       $3

If no one picks the upgraded shipping after a few weeks, I’ll realize this was a moot point and go back to the way we had it.