We're Launching The Perfect New Tea To Drink On The Back Porch With A Good Book ūüďö

New Tea Launch: Mixed Berry Crème

I think I love tea so much because it is super versatile.  We all drink tea in different contexts.  Some teas are perfect to brew first thing in the morning and drink while you get ready for work in the morning.  Some are so relaxing, you need it as you wind down from a long day.  Some teas are great with a meal.  Many are iced, some are only good hot or as a tea latte.  Some are sweet and some are tart.  Some are smooth and a few have that perfect bitterness (bitter isn't always a bad thing).

This new tea is my 'drink it iced in my backyard with a good book tea'. It is a mixed berry tea, but not too tart like many berry teas. It is sweet, but just the perfect amount. The vanilla gives it a smooth creaminess that finishes so well.

A medley of berries come together to create a tisane that is juicy, tart, and oh, so sweet! What pairs better with mixed berries than the decadent flavor of crème? It provides a complimentary smoothness to the brightness of berries. This infusion is refreshing iced or for an extra creamy treat, add steamed milk for a tea latte. Voilà! 

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