Our Guide to Making Cold Brew Chai Concentrate

Cold brew has become a very popular drink in recent years. If you search online or on Pinterest for a cold brew recipe, you will easily find so many, it can become overwhelming! At Hackberry Tea we like to try trending and creative drinks and test out a variety of recipes, especially when they are unique. You can even check out our video series on trending drinks to get a glimpse of what I mean. When you really start to think of all the different combinations of ingredients and brewing methods, the possibilities are endless. While creating recipes for our upcoming coffee and tea shop, we experimented with how to make a delicious Chai concentrate similar to the ones you can find at different coffee shops. We discovered that it is incredibly easy to make a delicious Chai concentrate using two simple ingredients, water , and loose-leaf chai tea. We chose to use our Warm Vanilla Chai and followed the same process you do for cold brew.   

A Chai concentrate should be strong. All you need to do is mix the tea leaves in water, let them sit overnight in the refrigerator, and then strain the leaves through a colander. Place the concentrate back in the refrigerator and prepare a glass whenever you like. Once you have the concentrate, simply mix one part tea and one part water or dairy to dilute. If you like it sweet add a sweetener like sweetened condensed milk, sugar, or vanilla syrup. The options are endless! It’s really that easy to make a Chai concentrate for a refreshing iced Chai beverage. 

A suggested ratio for making your concentrate is 4 teaspoons of tea leaves to 1 cup of water. If you like it stronger, simply add more tea. We like to say that it’s all about the way you like it. So next time you are in the mood for a sweet and spicy treat, go ahead and  “Chai” this new way of making chai tea. 

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