Shipping Update 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, we have to make an adjustment on our shipping policy.  I hate to do this, because I feel like Hackberry was built on a super low free shipping minimum.  We were able to accomplish this, because when we started you could get USPS First Class mail for under 13oz for about $3.50.  First Class was reliable and it gave thousands of first time customers a chance to try us out for a low cost.  Times have changed and first class is no longer that inexpensive and is WAY less reliable than it used to be.  The last time I ran a report, first class shipments were taking over a week 70% of the time.  I know shipping across the board isn't what it used to be, but this quality of service just doesn't match our brand.

As costs have risen, we've had to adjust.  Right now our costs on a shipped bag of tea, not including the actual tea is over $2 per sample.

So our new policy is:

Orders Under $30:.

Best Value Ground Shipping (5-7 days) = $4
FedEx 2 Day Upgrade (2-3 days) = $6

Orders Over $30:

Lowest Priced Priority (4-5 days) = FREE
2-3 Day Upgrade (FedEx or UPS depending on order) = $4
Preferred USPS Priority = $2


All of these changes will be effective 12/15/2021

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