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Are you aware that August is recognized as National Peach Month? We always welcome the opportunity to enjoy a peach and one of our preferred methods is by indulging in our variety of peach-focused teas. The harmonious combination of sweet and floral in peaches make them a perfect complement to any tea flavor, and they blend seamlessly with various other ingredients.

To welcome this new month and celebrate our love for peaches, we have decided to launch a limited peach-themed combo pack, our "Life's a Peach" bundle! This bundle will only be around for the month of August and will feature three of our favorite peach-ful blends. With this new summer bundle, you'll be thinking "life's a peach!"


Ginger Peach Black: The only way I know to make a Pekoe tea better is to do what we did here.  Add a little ginger root, some peach, and sunflower petals.  It's a perfect iced or hot.  In fact, I think I'll brew a cup right now.

Dreamy Peach: This floral peachy tea is wonderfully refreshing.  The peach flavor is soft but noticeable, and the floral hints of chamomile and rose bring peaceful zen to the tea. A hot cup brings to mind fresh-baked peach tarts or a delicious pie, while an iced cup is a perfectly refreshing, juicy, and a fantastic summer treat

Bright Peach Oolong: Peach is deliciously paired with Oolong tea for a brew that is deeply floral, juicy, and sweet, just like biting into a succulent peach. The aromas of peach and marigold fill the senses with each sip and the oolong balances the fruity flavors without overpowering. This blend is delicious hot, but we think it shines even brighter brewed iced!

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