Hackberry Tea

PomeDragon White

$ 3.94

Tasting Notes:

Shou Mei white tea and Sencha green tea are combined with the delicious, exotic flavors of dragon fruit. Known as a "superfood," dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C and is the perfect addition to our ingredients. The earthiness of lemongrass paired with the vibrant taste of pomegranate creates a fresh and unique blend. Delicious served hot and over ice!

Tea Details:

Tea Type: White
Caffeine Level: Low
Origin: Japan



Blended With:

Shou Mei White Tea, Lemongrass, Sencha Green Tea, All Natural Dragonfruit Flavor, Freeze-Dried Raspberry Pieces, Dried Pomegranate Pieces, Dried Kiwi Pieces


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