A Cup of This Holiday Tea Will Make the Season Bright!

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

There is a reason why that is the opening lyric to one of the most beloved Christmas songs. Chestnuts, with its comforting aroma and rich taste, is a symbolic holiday ingredient and is now highlighted in one of our new winter blends. This year, our seasonal tea launch has included some very unique recipes with ingredients we have never featured before. Banana made its first appearance with our Banana Bread Honeybush, and now, chestnuts are here to shine with our Roasted Chestnut Black!

When we were planning out our new teas for the holiday season, we wanted to provide three blends that would capture the flavors of Christmas while offering enough variance for our Winter Favorites Bundle. We knew the Banana Bread Honeybush would give the flavor of “holiday baking” while Peppermint Twist Black would grant that classic taste of candy canes. For our third tea, we wanted an infusion that was simple with ingredients but complex with flavor. When we were thinking of holiday-inspired foods, chestnuts immediately came to mind. The nutty, sweet taste that chestnuts bring to the brew makes our Roasted Chestnut Black the perfect holiday tea to conclude our seasonal selections.

Chestnuts are a popular ingredient in Asia, Turkey, and southern Europe and are an esteemed treat during the holiday season. In Japan, chestnuts represent success and strength and are often served during New Year celebrations. These festive nuts are a favorite for cooking because they are equally delicious in savory or sweet dishes. Due to their tannic acid content, they are never eaten raw and are typically roasted or boiled. For this new tea, we are using a natural chestnut flavoring and combining it with our premium, Sri Lankan black tea. The roasty, smooth taste of chestnuts marries beautifully with the bold flavor of black tea for a well-balanced and full-bodied cup. Every bold, nutty sip is reminiscent of a cozy night in front of an open fire (with or without Jack Frost nipping at your nose). We are thrilled with how this tea turned out and hope you enjoy it just as much. Make the season bright by grabbing a bag for yourself or share with a loved one. Seasonal teas tend to sell quickly, so be sure to order this tea as well as our other holiday flavors while you can!

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