Shipping Rates Update 2020

2020 has been a year of changes, and that rings true especially here at Hackberry. With COVID-19 continuing to affect our daily lives, we have all needed to make adjustments, and one of those adjustments is in our shipping rates. Unfortunately, both USPS and FedEx are continuing to raise their rates.  In fact, most packages have gone up by more than 15% this month.  Thankfully, our new shop has provided us some efficiencies and we won't have to push all of that cost your way.  But we still have to account for it.  We don't want to sacrifice our tea quality, shipping efficiency or support of our supply chain at the expense of higher shipping rates.  So, we had to make a price change that truly is not our preference.  In order to remain in a position most capable of providing you the highest quality tea in the country, we will make the following price bump to our shipping rates:

  • Raise your shipping cost by $1 for under $15 orders.
  • Raise the upgraded shipping cost by $1 for requested carrier
  • Raise our prices by:
    • $0.25 for samples
    • $0.50 for 2oz bags
    • $0.75 for 6oz bags
    • $1.00 for 12oz bags

We prioritize being transparent to you, our valued customer, about our operations here at Hackberry and we thought we would let you know about both our decision process, and reasoning behind this slight change. Thank you for sticking with us through this year and we hope to continue providing you the best coffee you can find online for years on end.

All of these changes will be effective 12/1/2020

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