Incorporating Tea into the Five Love Languages

It’s February, and you know what that means, love is in the air! When we think about love, our minds may wander to many types of love. There is the love you have for your family, the love you share with your friends, the love reserved for a romantic partner, and numerous ways to love different aspects of your life and the world around you. 

In 1992, Dr. Gary Chapman, PhD, published a book called The 5 Love Languages. This book gained rapid popularity and has since sold over 20 million copies and been translated into 50 different languages. The book earned it’s spot on the #1 New York Times International Bestseller list and has also been featured in Forbes, Time, and a variety of other acclaimed publications. The success of the book has led to an entire “5 Love Languages” campaign that is now complete with its own website, app, social media pages, interactive quizzes, study guides, coloring book, and devotionals. The curriculum has also been studied in college classrooms. 

The whole point of the five love languages is to help people connect. Here at Hackberry, we love that idea because we love love. As we reflected on the development of the five love languages, and the organization's goal to connect people we got to thinking; how can we contribute to this idea? That’s how we got the idea for this article, tying our love for our product into the five love languages. Below you’ll find each language, and a way tea can help you explore and practice it. 

Acts of Service:

If your love language is acts of service, you probably live by the motto “actions speak louder than words.” You like it when your loved ones go out of their way to help you or make your day. If someone you love is an ‘acts of service’ person, you could show your love by preparing a cup of tea for them. Do a little research into what kind of tea they like and brew that specific one to show how much thought you put into the act. If you want to do something extra in addition to making their tea, consider offering to take care of a chore they’ve been dreading for them while they sip on their tea.

Receiving Gifts:

People whose love language is ‘receiving gifts’ tend to appreciate the thought and time it takes in picking out the perfect gift. If this is your loved one’s love language, try finding out what kind of tea they like and order them some of it. Not sure what they like? Try our All Time Favorites bundle or our Valentine’s Day Favorite bundle. To take your gift a step further, consider getting them a mug for their new tea or a giftcard to pick out their next batch.

Quality Time:

The ‘quality time’ love language is not just about spending time with loved ones, but also about giving them your undivided attention during that time. If your loved one prefers ‘quality time’ consider setting up an at home tea party where you can sit down and enjoy your time together while sipping on a delicious beverage. If you are in the Chandler area, we would love to see you come into our shop for a tea-centric date as well!

Words of Affirmation:

The ‘words of affirmation’ love language includes encouraging words that show your loved one you appreciate them and are proud of them. People with this love language tend to appreciate validation. While there is not a direct way to tie tea into this, you could always include a cup or pack of tea with a handwritten note describing how much they mean to you and all the things that make you love them. Fun fact: this is the most popular love language!

Physical Touch:

Last but not least is ‘physical touch.’ This love language includes appropriate, reassuring physical touch between you and your loved ones. For some this is a hug, for others perhaps a kiss. If you want to tie tea into this love language, you may consider carving out time to snuggle up on the couch and share a cozy cup of tea as you talk about your day or watch a movie. 

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to express your love and gratitude this Valentine’s Day, although these practices are relevant year round. If you are interested in taking the “5 Love Languages” quiz yourself, please visit 

Written by Kourtney Camm

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