Recipe of the Month | Liquid Luck

Continuing our  Recipe of the Month segment here at Hackberry, we'd like to introduce you to our March recipe, Liquid Luck. This refreshing iced drink features our Love Potion #9 Yerba Mate and plays off of the idea of a lucky potion. Slightly floral and fruity with a hint of honey, this month's recipe is sure to charm your taste buds!

Liquid Luck Iced Tea



  • Put two teaspoons of our Love Potion #9 Yerba Mate in a tea bag or infuser and steep at 206 degrees Fahrenheit for four minutes.
  • Measure one teaspoon of honey into a cup. After the tea has finished steeping, remove the bag or infuser and pour the tea into the cup as well. Mix honey and tea.
  • Pour tea and honey over ice. Don't worry about the ice watering down the tea, using two teaspoons instead of one while steeping counterbalances this.  
  • Add a splash of lemonade. We used about one tablespoon, but you can adjust this to your preference. 
  • Garnish with a dried rose petal for a fun visual twist!

The Love Potion #9 tea used in this recipe is a caffeinated blend of roasted Yerba Mate, cocoa nibs, rose, and lavender. It is a delightfully delicate tea that pairs perfectly with the bright sweetness of lemonade and honey. This recipe is best enjoyed iced, perfect for the growing temperatures of spring.


Written by Kourtney Camm

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