ROTM | Sherbet Tea Floats

Do you ever miss the excitement of hearing the ice cream truck as a kid after a long day of playing outside? This month, we chose to recreate that feeling with this bright and colorful sherbet tea float recipe. This simple recipe is reminiscent of a tasty and refreshing ice cream bar on a hot summer day, sure to teleport you back to your favorite childhood summer memories.

Sherbet Tea Floats

(recommended serving size: 16 oz)



  • Put two teaspoons of our Watermelon Refresher tea into a tea bag or infuser and steep at 206 degrees Fahrenheit for seven minutes and refrigerate until chilled.
  • Add two scoops of sherbet into a glass and pour chilled tea over the top.
  • Top off with a splash of tonic water.


Enjoy this recipe as a snack after lunch, dinner, or even for breakfast - we don't judge!

For a brief demonstration of this recipe, checkout this video on our Instagram and be sure to follow for more recipe content.



Written by Shelby Peiser

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