The Battle of Traditional Black Teas | Yunnan Noir vs. Golden Monkey

We've often wondered what separates black teas. Are they all that different? Does one taste better than the other? We thought it was time to put these questions (and more) to the test. We compared our Golden Monkey black tea with our newest black tea, the Yunnan Noir. If you look at the price difference, Golden Monkey is more expensive. Why is it more expensive? Is it worth it?

The Difference in Harvesting

Most tea is hand-picked, but Golden Monkey takes it to a new level. Golden Monkey has golden tips at the end of every leaf. Farmers put much care when they harvest Golden Monkey tea. They only pick the tip because it's the best part of the tea leaf. The tip provides a lot of nutrients adding to the benefits of this tea. When you drink Golden Monkey Black Tea, you're experiencing the rarest and highest level of quality available in tea.

All of our teas are premium teas, and the Yunnan Noir is no exception. Yunnan Noir is grown in the Yunnan province, which is the birthplace of tea. It's harvested just like any other black tea, but what separates Yunnan Noir is that it's hand-rolled. When tea is rolled in pearls or circles, it's optimal for resteeping you can enjoy repeatedly. Often, rolled tea contains whole tea leaves or, at the very least large pieces of the tea leaf. When you steep entire tea leaves, you can experience maximum flavor, which is one of the main benefits of our Yunnan Noir. 

Difference in Flavor

Black teas are often associated with a bold and slightly bitter flavor. Golden Monkey Black Tea is an exception. Its flavor is full but smooth and sweet without bitterness. If you like sweeter tea, this tea is perfect.

The Yunnan Noir tastes close to what you expect from a black tea. It's bold and has a slight bitterness, much like other black teas. Since it's great for resteeping, the first cup may be bolder than subsequent cups. It's an excellent tea for iced tea because of its bold flavor.

Why Choose One Tea Over Another?

Whether you pick Golden Monkey of Yunnan Noir, they are both premium teas. However, even though Golden Monkey is more expensive, its rarity and unique black tea flavor offer an experience different from the usual black tea. So, after tasting and comparing, is it worth the cost? I would give it a resounding yes.

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Yunnan Noir offers a different experience and is a delicious option for a premium tea you can enjoy over and over. Since it's rolled, you're steeping large pieces or whole tea leaves, which is accomplished only with carefully harvested, high-quality tea. 

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