The Benefits of Re-Steeping Tea

I've heard re-steeping tea is a bad idea. But, I've come to find out it's not always a bad thing. Re-steeping helps you get the most out of your tea without sacrificing flavor. Just be aware, it may not be ideal for all teas. In case you don't know, re-steeping is the process of using the same tea for multiple infusions. You can brew multiple cups of tea with the same leaves.

The size of leaves impacts the flavor of the tea. Chopped-up tea in a tea bag will dispense flavor at a much faster rate than full-size loose-leaf tea. When you steep, the bigger the leaf, the better brewing results. That's why using our Pearl Teas to re-steep achieves the best results. Other teas will also work, but since Pearl Teas are tightly wound, the leaf is bigger than most. As the tea unfurls, it releases its flavor. Re-steeping these teas allow you to enjoy the full experience this tea has to offer time and time again. Why would you throw away tea when there is still so much flavor to be enjoyed?

Benefits of re-steeping:

  1. Brings out the value of your tea, especially with the higher-quality, more expensive teas.
  2. Appreciates the development of tea's flavor from steep to steep.
  3. Allows you to experience the most flavor possible.

STOP! Before you re-steep, be aware of these guidelines.

  1. Don't over-steep.
  2. Promptly time and remove tea leaves to save for a future steep.
  3. Have a saucer or something ready to put your tea bag on or remove leaves if you're using a mesh strainer.

How many times should I re-steep?

The answer to that question is, it depends on you. Some teas are better for re-steeping than others. Tea is a very personal drink so when re-steeping; you are the judge for how you like the flavor. But, there is one thing to consider. If the flavor is added and not natural to the tea, re-steeping may not be optimal, but still possible. Subsequent steeps may not be as flavorful as the first. If the flavor is natural to the tea, then the flavor will be last longer steep after steep. For example, our Pearl Tea's flavor is all-natural to the leaf. This tea is perfect for re-steeping since it's a high-quality, large-leaf tea. Re-steeping it can help you get a lot of value back for your tea.

Steps for re-steeping:

  1. Brew a cup of tea following temperature and timing guidelines.
  2. Set aside tea after the first brew.
  3. As long as your first steeps weren't too long, you can use the same tea for another cup.
  4. Repeat steps making sure you don't over steep each brew.

Don't feel limited to just re-steeping single cups of tea. You can also re-steep using teapots for larger quantities. The same principle follows, for the best results, don't over steep brews. Being mindful of steep times produces the best cup of re-steeped tea. Knowing that you can get more for your money by re-steeping, higher-level quality tea become more accessible. 

Black Dragon Pearls Resteeping Experiment

I have never re-steeped teas, so I decided to try it and document my experience. I got great results and multiple great-tasting cups of tea with three steeps.

Brew #1:

I brewed a cup of Black Dragon Pearl Tea and noticed that after following the recommended temperature and steep time, the leaves didn't fully unfurl. The flavor was bold and very good. It's what I expected from a high-quality black tea. I removed the tea to wait for the next time I would brew another cup.

Brew #2:

I brewed the same tea from the previous brew and steeped it for an extra minute. The flavor was still bold and good. I was surprised that the flavor was as bold as the last cup. There was no significant difference in the flavor. The tea unfurled a little more, but that expansion happened as it sat waiting for the next brew.

Brew #3:

For the third brew, I added an additional minute to the brew time. At this point, the leaves were fully unfurled. Even with three steeps, the flavor was still excellent and bold. I didn't notice a significant loss of flavor. That result surprised me and made me wonder if even more steeps are possible.

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