Tools, Tips, Time, & Temperatures: A General Brewing Guide


Let’s talk about the tools you can use to brew the perfect cup of tea. You can use an infuser, filter bag, or French press. 

The Infuser

Infusers are used with loose-leaf tea and are placed for steeping or brewing tea. Depending on the infuser, they can be used for a single cup or a teapot. We offer infusers that can brew from 1 cup to a small teapot. With infusers, you place the loose-leaf tea inside and steep in your tea of choice.

Tea Filter Bags

Tea Filter Bags are used much like a regular tea bag. The main difference is they provide more room for the tea to unfurl and expand as it steeps in hot water. Simply, place a teaspoon of your favorite loose-leaf tea in the bag and then place in your cup, just like you would a traditional tea bag. Pour hot water and steep for the appropriate time based on the tea you are using. They are disposable and perfect for brewing one teacup at a time.

French Press

Yes, your read that correctly. You can use your home French Press to brew tea.  


Warm your tea pot or teacup before you start brewing. Pour hot water into your cup or teacup, swirl it around and pour it out. Starting with this technique helps your tea stay hot throughout the entire brewing process.

Water is everything. Use freshly drawn filtered water. Never use reheated water. Did you know that Ph levels in your water make a difference in taste? You can find water with Ph levels between 6-8 which is optimal for brewing. For example, Smart, Voss, and Fiji water all fall in the ranges of 6-8 which is the ideal Ph range for great tasting water.

Time & Temperature

Steeping time and temperature may vary from tea to tea. Black, fruit tisanes, herbal, and rooibos tea can be brewed at higher temperatures. But even at higher temperatures, their steeping times can vary. White and green teas are brewed at a lower temperature and Oolong falls between high and low. Refer to the brewing guide for temperatures and steep times for the specific amount and type of tea.

Cold Teas

Brewing for cold teas is simple and easy. You don’t really need any fancy equipment. Check out our blogs on Cold Brew Tea, Iced Tea, and even the delicious yet controversial Sun Tea. It doesn’t matter if you prefer hot or cold drinks. Tea offers something for everyone!

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