Why Is Golden Monkey So Pricey?

Golden Monkey is widely considered one of the finest teas you can access in the US. Its near-sweet taste and smooth finish make for a delicious light cup of black tea fit to perk you up during a drowsy early morning or sluggish afternoon. But that price… whoa. It’s a lot; so, in honor of Golden Monkey coming back in stock at Hackberry, we decided to give a little bit of an explanation for this organic tea and its steep price tag.

Photo of Hackberry Tea Golden Monkey tea compared to a Golden Monkey

Before we get talking about the price, let’s first dive into what Golden Monkey tea really is. The name “Golden Monkey” is derived from the fact that the tea leaves actually accurately resemble the Chinese-native “golden monkey” (see the photo above). It is a premium organic black tea, regionally grown in the Fujian province of China in close proximity to the Tai Mu mountains. This area of China is the Napa of tea production: some of the finest teas are grown and exported directly from this area, and Golden Monkey is no exception. In fact, it is among the frontrunners of this group of top tier teas.

Now there are many factors that contribute to the high price of this tea. The farmers who harvest the tea leaves only pluck the tip of the plant itself. This means that only one little leaf per tea plant can be grouped for the Golden Monkey tea. Farmers use this method of harvesting to ensure that this tea contains only the finest part of the plant. Because the tea plant remains dormant throughout the winter, all those nutrients and antioxidants are pushed through that very first leaf to sprout in the spring. When you look at the Golden Monkey tea leaves, you can see a literal golden hue to the tips of the leaves. That is what the farmers are going for. When plucking during the harvest process, the number one goal is to get that prized golden tip.

Because the tips are so packed with nutrients, that means this Golden Monkey tea has an immense amount of health benefits. One of the primary antioxidants present in this tea is quercetin, a chemical known to lower the risk of tumor development and heart failure. The magnesium content in this tea is also very high which helps in bone development and blood flow. The caffeine level of Golden Monkey is also more concentrated than most black teas, which, as many of you already know, helps strengthen focus and reduce drowsiness. Overall, it is clear Golden Monkey isn’t only a delicious cup of tea in the moment, but a means of developing health benefits that will last a lifetime.

To sum things up, this tea is rare, difficult to harvest, and packs a healthy punch, but the results are oh so delicious. 

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