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Health Teas & How They Can Help Us.

Health Teas & How They Can Help Us. 0

Tea is considered to be one of the most consumed liquids around the world, next to water and coffee. There can be many reasons why it is so widely consumed, but one stands out, and that is potential health benefits. So, is tea beneficial for our health or not?
The Origin & Evolution of Chai

The Origin & Evolution of Chai 0

Chai, with its delicious mixture of spices, is one of tea’s most popular blends and can likely be found at any tea or coffee shop. Native to India, chai has varied recipes depending on the region, climate, and cultural preference. Strong spices, such as cinnamon and cardamom, are often combined as the base with the addition of milk and sugar to off-set the spicy flavor. Although the flavors are reminiscent of the fall and winter seasons, the versatility it brings as a hot or iced beverage allows it to be enjoyed all year long. This sweet, milky tea that we have grown to love has evolved over the years and is actually quite different from the original Indian chai recipe. 
Does Tea Really Dehydrate You?

Does Tea Really Dehydrate You? 0

Today we tackle one of the great debates for tea lovers. Does caffeine dehydrate your body? This question has been around for as long as scientists have studied the effects of caffeine. The primary reason caffeine has traditionally been named as a culprit for dehydration dates back to a 1928 study that claimed people who drank tea tended to go to the bathroom more than people who did not drink tea. Caffeine was pegged as the reason people were losing water due to going to the bathroom, and that reputation has continued through the decades.

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The Benefits of Black Tea

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