Using Tea to Build Good Habits

The beginning of a new year is always a popular time to set goals and start healthy habits, and tea is a wonderful tool to help you do so. The art of brewing tea is a great habit to include in your daily routine because it is a way to practice mindfulness in a fast-paced world. Not to mention, some teas carry amazing benefits that can help you achieve other goals as well.

The process of brewing tea is an art form that is appreciated in many cultures worldwide. When you cut time out of your day to curate and perform a tea ritual, not only are you setting aside time to do something you enjoy, but you are also making a beverage for yourself that may carry an array of health benefits. This elevates a simple task into a form of self care. Being a tea lover does not stop at drinking tea, but rather includes the art and appreciation of the beverage as well. This practice has proved its value time and time again, which we discussed in a recent article on Tea Rituals Around the World. Today, we are kicking off the new year with a Hackberry Tea approved 5-10 minute daily tea ritual that you can incorporate into your everyday life. 

The Hackberry Tea Ritual

Step 1: Select your tea.

There are many things you may consider when choosing your tea for the day. First of all, you may consider what time of the day it is. If you are performing your tea ritual in the morning, you may want a tea packed with caffeine like our Scottish Breakfast or our Spiced Sunshine Mate. If you are performing your tea ritual at night, you may opt for a herbal blend like our Relaxing Mint Chamomile or Calm Mango Beach. In general, black teas and Pu-erhs tend to have high levels of caffeine, green and white teas tend to have medium levels of caffeine, and herbal teas and tisanes have no caffeine. There are some exceptions, like Yerba Mate which is a caffeinated variation of herbal tea. If you are ever unsure of the level of caffeine in your tea, we identify this information on the physical packaging and digital listing for each and every tea we carry.  

Another thing to consider when choosing your tea is if there are any goals you would like to enhance with your beverage. If you suffer from frequent headaches, you may look for a tea with cloves in it. If you have digestion issues you are looking to alleviate, mint tea may help. If you are looking to improve your skincare routine, try a rose tea. These herbal tea ingredients are added to many of our tea blends, each containing unique properties that can help you achieve your goals. Not to mention, many of these ingredients are also packed with vitamins and nutrients that can help support your overall health. We have written a handful of articles on each of these ingredients. These articles can help explain beneficial properties in greater detail, a comprehensive list can be found here.

Once you've decided the caffeine level you want and the ingredients you are looking for, the last part of the decision making process is simply what you like! Everyone has their favorite tea or teas, and at the end of the day you want something you will enjoy. Make sure to factor in all of these elements when you pick the perfect teal for your daily ritual. 

Step 2: Prepare your tea. 

The second step is where mindfulness comes in, and that is during the brewing period. Yor brewing process will vary depending on the type of tea you have chosen. Brewing information is always included on our Hackberry packaging and additional information on how to get the perfect brew can be found under the Brewing section of our education page. Regardless of what tea you have chosen though, the brewing period should leave your with a few minute of time on your hands.

In the busy world we live in, it may make sense to use the few minutes that your tea takes to steep to work on a task or chore. However, by taking these few minutes to yourself you are truly giving in to the idea of a mindful daily tea ritual. You may use this time to practice deep breathing exercises, which is often considered the truest form of mindfulness. Or, you could use this time to read a chapter of a book or an article on a topic that interests you - perhaps that’s what you are doing right now! Or, perhaps you use this time to make a list of things you want to accomplish during the day. What you do with this time is your choice, but whatever you choose should bring a sense of joy to your routine.

Step 3: Enjoy!

The last step of our daily tea ritual is simple, and that is to enjoy your fresh cup of tea. By taking the time to appreciate that cup of tea and the art of brewing it, you are able to enjoy it on an even deeper level. 

We hope this article gives you inspiration on how to build healthy, mindful habits. Tea rituals have been used in different capacities for hundreds of years, and it’s no wonder why. Start your new year off right with a tea ritual of your own!


Written by Kourtney Camm

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