The Costs & Benefits of Pearl Tea

Loose leaf tea comes in many different shapes, sizes, and variants, but none are as unique as rolled pearls. Pearl tea is a loose-leaf tea that is made by the hand rolling of Jasmine tea leaves (there are black tea pearls as well, but jasmine is the most common pearl tea type). This specific method of tea production dates as far back as 200 BC with origins recorded in both China and India. It was a particularly high-end tea that was originally only designated to royalty and others in power. But as the Chinese began implementing themselves into the world economy, pearl tea quickly established itself as a loose-leaf tea staple.

The hand-rolling of the Pearl tea produces its trademark pearl-like tea capsules, but the unique look and experience is not the only benefit of this tea. What makes pearls so special is its ability to be brewed multiple times. As you submerge pearls, the heat of the water causes the rolled tea to begin to unravel, exposing the most delicate parts of the leaf. This exposure produces a smooth and dynamic “classic green tea” taste, and if brewed correctly, these pearls don’t fully unravel after one brew, which means this process can be repeated 2-3 more times. So inherently, you’re receiving more than twice the value per ounce for pearled tea compared to other loose-leaf teas, which don’t have that level of complexity in their brewing development.

There is almost no difference between any standard way to brew a loose-leaf tea versus a pearl tea. If your pearls are a green tea, then brew it like a green tea, if it’s a black tea, then brew it like a black tea. But remember this: you’re going to want to preserve these pearls so you can rebrew, so be extra careful to not over-steep. If you have a range of time that you like for specific tea-types, then make sure to gauge on the side of shorter brewing time for this tea. This timing also helps produce that specialty lighter and smoother taste of a pearl tea that so many have come to know and love. 

Pearl tea’s rich history, unique look, special brewing development, and classic taste are unmatched amongst its loose-leaf peers. If you’re on the lookout for a classic tea produced with handmade methods and loved across the world, then make sure to grab a bag of our Jasmine Pearls or Black Dragon Pearls today!

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