Trending Tea Tasting Episode 4 | Iced Tea Sherbet Float

Have you ever thought of using tea for a dessert drink? Well now you can! We took the concept of a float and applied it to tea. We discovered that a fruity tea with sherbet and a little club soda provides a refreshing sweet treat you can drink by the pool or even offer guests during a spring party like a baby shower. Use the sherbet to replace the ice, and you’ll notice the drink getting sweeter and sweeter as you drink. It’s a versatile drink that we think even kids would like.

Watch our YouTube video to hear our thoughts and see a brief demonstration of how to make this refreshing dessert drink at home.


  • Fruit Punch Green Rooibos
  • Scoops of Orange Sherbet
  • Club Soda

*This is what we used in our recipe, but feel free to use any kind of tea or sherbet you like. Have fun with it! 


  1. Brew the tea and let it cool, so it does not melt the sherbet.
  2. Fill a 16-ounce cup ¾ of the way with sherbet.
  3. Add your chilled tea.
  4. Top off with club soda for that carbonated float effect.
  5. Enjoy!

Sherbet & Tea Combination Suggestions:

Here are our suggestions for possible sherbet and tea combinations for you to try at home. 

Coconut Sherbet

Lime Sherbet

Orange Sherbet

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