We're Bringing You More Tea Content!

At Hackberry Tea, our purpose is to offer delicious, premium-grade loose-leaf tea. Another aspect of the business we love is providing educational tea information through our website and weekly mailers. This information can range from tea origin stories to brewing instructions to even favorite tea recipes for the holidays. There is a wealth of knowledge surrounding tea, and we love that we can share what we know and continue to learn with our customers! 

In recent years, one of the best and simplest ways to learn about anything is by watching videos on YouTube. With a simple search, you can access tutorials and educational videos about any topic for free. Since nearly 65% of the population are visual learners, it makes sense that a visual source like YouTube has become the “go-to” for online learning. A little more than a year ago, we launched a YouTube channel for the coffee side of our business, Sagebrush Coffee. It progressed slowly, but as we became more consistent with releasing content, we saw significant growth and interaction. It has become a helpful tool for those who prefer to watch a video over reading a blog post. 

With the success of our Sagebrush YouTube channel, we thought it was only right to create a channel for Hackberry. As we considered this, we realized the tea content on YouTube was surprisingly lacking. We are so excited to give our customers (and the world at large) a closer look into our process of curating tea, more in-depth information about the teas we offer, brewing guides, and educational content about the journey of tea from crop to cup. We will be pulling topics from blog posts we already have on our website and expanding the information in video form, along with releasing brand-new content. To stay up to date with our videos, you will want to subscribe to our channel and keep an eye out for our weekly mailers. We cannot wait to offer videos discussing and showcasing the delicious and ever-evolving world of loose-leaf tea!

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